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Engine spare parts for Peugeot D3 D4

Peugeot D3, D4 engine spare parts

Here you will find engine spare parts for Peugeot D3, D4. Techni-Tacot is also a workshop specializing in the restoration of old cars & vintage vehicles

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Mechanism clutch Peugeot D3 D4

Clutch mechanism reconditioned, in standard exchange. Mounted on Peugeot D3 D4, etc ...Complete disassembly, micro balling, surfacing and retaring of the pressure plate.(The sending is done after receipt of the used mechanism, not destroyed - ...

€276.00 TTC
(230,00 € HT)

12V electric fuel pump

" 12V electric fuel pump. Connects in series with the original fuel line. Keeps the hand pump. Avoids having to lift the hood to turn up gasoline before starting. To be powered through a push button for occasional operation. Low pressure, no ...

€66.00 TTC
(55,00 € HT)

IGOL 20W50 mineral oil - 5L can

5 l can (non contractual photo) - Viscosity: 20W-50BenefitsHéRITAGE GTZ mineral oil.Multigrade lubricant for Gasoline and Diesel engines, made from severely refined mineral bases and additives suitable for older engines. The anti-wear additive ...

€35.90 TTC
(29,92 € HT)