BSX 70 brush set

Brush set (carbon) BSX 70 OPEL Ascona-Kadett-GT-MantaReplaces Bosch ref 2007014018Dimensions: - 16mm x 14mm x 7mm.Following vehicle assignments:Ascona 1.2L from 1972GT 1100 US from 1968 to 1970Kadett B from 1965 to 1973Kadett B rally 1.1L until 1971Kadett B rally 1.2L from 1971 to 1973Kadett C...

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Brush set (carbon) BSX 70 OPEL Ascona-Kadett-GT-Manta

Replaces Bosch ref 2007014018

Dimensions: - 16mm x 14mm x 7mm.

Following vehicle assignments:
Ascona 1.2L from 1972
GT 1100 US from 1968 to 1970
Kadett B from 1965 to 1973
Kadett B rally 1.1L until 1971
Kadett B rally 1.2L from 1971 to 1973
Kadett C 1000, S, N, from 1973
Manta A-B 1.2L S from 1972

With BOSCH starter: 0001155017-0001157001-0004157002-0001157003-0001157004-0001157006-0001157007-0001157013-0001157014-0001157018.

New item from the period. Original parts

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