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Peugeot D3 D4

Spare parts for Peugeot Van D3 D4 D3A D4B

Spare parts for Peugeot D3 D4 D3A D4B

The Peugeot D3 and the Peugeot D4 were forward-cab automobile vans, of Chenard and Walcker design, manufactured for Peugeot from October 1950 until 1965.

Peugeot D3 D4 There are 25 products.

Active filters

Ignition coil 12v standard

Ignition coil guaranteed for use with a 12 V platinum screw igniter (breakers). Impedance respected to prevent the breakers from bluing.Works perfectly also with electronic module or integral electronic igniter. (Non contractual photo)

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