Engine spare parts for simca 1000

Engine spare parts for simca 1000

Here you will find the engine parts to repair and maintain your simca 1000 Techni-Tacot is also a workshop specializing in the restoration of old automobiles.

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Engine red paint - 500 ml -

Engine red paint -Pot of 500 mlSuitable for engines, housings, gearboxes, differentials, brake drums and all parts subject to heating in cast iron, steel and light alloys.Direct application on degreased metal (or better, treated with our Phosprim ...

€34.00 TTC
(34,00 € HT)

Ignition coil 12v VALEO

Ignition coil guaranteed for use with a 12 V platinum screw igniter (breakers). Impedance respected to prevent the breakers from bluing.Works perfectly also with electronic module or integral electronic igniter. (Non contractual photo)

€48.00 TTC
(48,00 € HT)