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Male thread brake reservoir

Brake fluid reservoir. Supplied with bracket, plug and 3/4 male connector 16 threads / p. External thread diameter = 18.5 mm. Delivered without caliper (fixing by the thread on the master cylinder). Lockeed and silicone compatible

€33.80 TTC
(33,80 € HT)

12V electric fuel pump

" 12V electric fuel pump. Connects in series with the original fuel line. Keeps the hand pump. Avoids having to lift the hood to turn up gasoline before starting. To be powered through a push button for occasional operation. Low pressure, no ...

€55.00 TTC
(55,00 € HT)

Master cylinder SUMB Marmon

For Simca SUMB Marmon, Citroën U23 and other heavy goods vehicles.Complete master cylinder. 3-hole fixing. 3 side outlets and 1 at the end.Depending on the model, order the set of 3 plugs + gaskets to close the unnecessary outlets.Warning: ...

€169.00 TTC
(169,00 € HT)

Ignition coil 12v VALEO

Ignition coil guaranteed for use with a 12 V platinum screw igniter (breakers). Impedance respected to prevent the breakers from bluing.Works perfectly also with electronic module or integral electronic igniter. (Non contractual photo)

€48.00 TTC
(48,00 € HT)